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обробка граніту

Services in the manufacture of a wide range of granite products.

Grand is one of the leading companies on the Ukrainian granite products market. We are engaged in granite processing and production of various products from a natural stone.

Over the years, the company has gained vast experience, an excellent reputation, both in Ukraine and abroad, as well as a wide range of products.

Grand provides services for the manufacture of a wide range of granite products – granite monuments, window sills, stairs, curbs, granite tiles, elements for interior and exterior design.

Here you can find everything – from facing materials and ending with ready-made unique products.

A wide range of quality granite of different colors allows us to implement all the wishes of customers.

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Grand works not only in the Ukrainian market. Products from granite made by our masters decorate many houses of the near abroad, Europe.

Our company uses only modern equipment. The high technical level of the company provides customers with high quality granite products. Highly qualified specialists working in the company turn untreated natural stone into unique products.

We have developed a special individual approach to each customer.

We offer our customers both standard products and works made to special orders, customer drawings. Also, Grand specialists develop their own projects for which you can place an order.

Our company will provide you with products of different levels of complexity and in a short time.

It is known that granite is one of the most expensive building materials. But the company “Grand” has developed a special pricing policy, so you can buy granite products from us at very reasonable prices.

Choosing products from a natural stone of the Grand company, you will receive high quality and invaluable uniqueness.

In the production of granite used these types and fields:

  • Pokotovske
  • Maslovska
  • Kapustiansky
  • Kornynske
  • Tokivske
  • Labrodit
  • Leznykivske
  • Mezherichske
  • Omelyanivske
  • Basalt (Black)

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гранітні памятники

Granite monuments

Design, manufacture, installation

From 14 499 UAH

Dismantling of monuments

of any complexity

гранітні столешні

Granite countertops

Design, manufacture, delivery

From 1 499 UAH

Granite window sills

Measurement, manufacture and installation

From 499 UAH

гранітні підвіконня

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